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The unique patented hinge used in our Hinged Folding Adjustable Canes is machined from solid high strength aluminum. The release lever which has the push button on it is also solid aluminum. The design is such that there is no force trying to unlock the hinge when weight is applied vertically.

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C. S. Houston, TX

Hello, I have one of your canes and enjoy it very much...even though I can only walk short distances. Thanks. - C. S. Houston, TX


Dear Mr. Cohen, I was happy to have the opportunity to speak to you this morning about your wonderful Dapper Folding Canes. I am the proud owner of a Derby Style Dapper Cane and I love it. It is not only practical, stylish, and sturdy but it is very convenient to use and store. I can fold it quickly perhaps in 2 or 3 seconds for storage in the car, plane, bus or theater just with the push of a button. Unfolding is even more simple while I snap the cane open and at the same time assuring myself of the positive lock with the sound of the click. It has never failed since getting it.

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