About Us

After selling several thousand canes, there is a pause in production during 2019 while Dapper Products seeks to expand its offerings. We are actively interested in business opportunities for our quality folding cane and folding crutch patents. Contact us at admin@dappercanes.com

The Dapper Products Company started cane manufacturing in 2005. It has a predecessor company, started in 2002, that was in the business of manufacturing and marketing Wading Staffs for fisherman that could be folded in half easily and quickly with one hand, which allowed it to be stored away while in the river. This wading staff was based upon a patented hinge design (Dapper owned) that had been necessitated by the shortcomings of multi-part elastic cord wading staffs.

The founders came under peer pressure to incorporate the hinge in a cane, where there was a far greater need for the benefits of a folding design that was easy enough to use that would allow it to be folded and unfolded many times a day. This led to the founding of Dapper Products, Inc. in 2005, and the purchase of assets from the company that was making the wading staffs.

The first cane orders were shipped in February, 2006 and they were for Folding Adjustable Canes which incorporated the, at that time, patent pending hinge. The actual patent was issued on 2/28/2007. The Company offered several folding cane designs and then, based upon customer demand, decided to move into the general cane market. It continued to market and sell the folding wading staffs in order to satisfy the needs of outlets that the predecessor company had established.

The Company has offered over 50 different cane products via its modern web store. It offered its high quality products directly to the public at a lowest cost by eliminating the added cost of distribution and retailing. It replaced the original wading staff with folding adjustable versions of wading staffs and walking staffs. It has designs, including working prototypes, of folding arm crutches and conventional crutches. The Company provided quality products that functioned as advertised, and prides itself on technical excellence down to minute details.