Customer Comments

Here are some recent comments we've gotten at Dapper from our fine customers.

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Thanks for your help. Here are my comments regarding your wonderful canes. I was on an air flight, and my standard (non-folding) cane was put in the overhead bin by the flight attendant.  At the end of the flight, I had to wait until everyone had deplaned, so that the flight attendant could stand on an empty seat to retrieve my cane, which had fallen all the way in the back of the overhead bin.

It was then that I KNEW I needed a folding cane. I searched the web, and found several sites that sold folding canes. But they all were held together with elastic bands. And we all know how elastic bands can break!!

Then I found Dapper Products, and I thank my lucky stars! The canes are well-built, sturdy, comfortable and easy to use. I can fold up my cane, place it on a seat in a restaurant, in the airplane seat pocket, in a shopping bag while pushing a shopping cart in a store. It is so convenient!

The canes are made in two different sizes -- for short people like me, and for tall people -- something that is difficult to find. I have shown my cane to everyone -- doctors, nurses, physical therapists,  friends, family and even strangers -- and tell them how GREAT your canes are, and tell them how to get one.

The cane has received approval from my medical providers. The price is extraordinarily reasonable for this type of quality of the cane. Not the mention free shipping and fast delivery!! I ordered my cane on a Thursday morning and it arrived on Monday. I am now ordering a second cane as a spare, as my husband needed to use a cane for a couple of days and I used my old cane.

Customer service is great too! All my questions and concerns were answered thoroughly. Get this cane! You will not be disappointed!  -- JH NY,NY

C. S. Houston, TX

Hello, I have one of your canes and enjoy it very much...even though I can only walk short distances. Thanks. - C. S. Houston, TX

M.R. New York, NY

Hello, Your cane is great. I have a FAC-33/39 (with off-set handle). I am planning on buying another one as a spare. Can the soft sponge handle be replaced with a hard one? Many thanks. - M.R. New York, NY
(Dapper replies: Yes, contact us to place a special order for a hard handle).

L. F. Jackson, NJ

Hello, Just bought another cane for my wife to have as a spare. You have an excellent product. It is far superior to all the other elastic cord folding canes. Thank you. - L. F. Jackson, NJ.

Morton Nashman, Aventura, FL

Lots of folks while on my latest cruise have asked me, "where did you get that wonderful cane? I've never seen anything like it." Needless to say that I told them and showed them the label which I have proudly left secured to the body of the cane. I'd be happy to provide a testimonial to anyone who might write to me about your products. - Yours truly, Morton Nashman


Dear Mr. Cohen, I was happy to have the opportunity to speak to you this morning about your wonderful Dapper Folding Canes. I am the proud owner of a Derby Style Dapper Cane and I love it. It is not only practical, stylish, and sturdy but it is very convenient to use and store. I can fold it quickly perhaps in 2 or 3 seconds for storage in the car, plane, bus or theater just with the push of a button. Unfolding is even more simple while I snap the cane open and at the same time assuring myself of the positive lock with the sound of the click. It has never failed since getting it.

D.G. Boca Raton, FL

I ordered 3 of your canes years ago, 2 off-set ones and 1 Derby one, which have been flawless. Today I lost one at the market and need to buy a replacement. These are the greatest canes. I love them.

Ron Ramsey, Lancaster, CA

Hello, Several weeks ago, I bought a Dapper Folding Cane. It's the black with ebony handle model. I just love it to death! It is one of the best things I've bought in recent times. I marvel at the engineering of the joint every time I flip it in or out. Thank you for such a fine product.... There are sooo many things out there made for handicapped people that just don't work. But this one really hits the target.

Frances White, Lexington, KY

Hello, I am recovering from complications of back surgery and need a cane to walk. I don't have the upper body strength to wrestle with the "bungee" cord canes and found your website. The can was delivered yesterday and it is wonderful! Most of the time I ended up knocking my cane over while in restaurants or at work. Now I can just flip it down to a very manageable 18" or so. Thank you for making my life a little easier! I will recommend it to everyone!