General Questions

How do I purchase a Dapper cane?

Production and sales are currently paused. We are actively interested in new business opportunities for our quality hinged cane and hinged crutch patents. Contact admin@dappercanes.com

Is there a guarantee?

Dapper offers a Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Limited Warranty on the purchase of our canes. Click here to view Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Limited Warranty.

How do I determine if a cane will fit me properly?

On the Home Page go to the button titled “Cane Sizing”. It will explain the process and lead you through the steps. Remember that your heel heights must be considered! Pay attention to the maximum cane length specified, use the 2x rule (double the length equals approximately the height of the user) to determine if the can will meet your maximum height requirement.

How do I adjust my cane's length?.

1- Locate  the adjustment holes, spaced 1" apart, on the shaft of the cane, which on the Easy-Fold Dapper hinged folding canes  are below the hinge and on the four (4) piece Travel canes are below the handle.

2- Below the adjustment holes you will notice a cylindrical part with a slightly larger diameter (knurled on the hinged canes and smooth on the four (4) piece travel canes) which you unscrew 2 full turns to loosen.  Next press the silver button in and slide the lower tube to move it to the hole that best adjusts the length of the cane for you (On the Dapper web site Home Page under Categories see Cane Sizing.)  Once you have the correct length tighten the cylindrical piece by screwing it back until it is tight..

The Hinged Folding Adjustable Cane

What is unique about your hinged folding canes?

Dapper canes are height-adjustable AND folding. They open and close smoothly and easily, thanks to our patented locking hinge design.

To see the cane fold and unfold go to www.dappercanes.com

How do Dapper hinged canes open and close?

To open, just pick the cane up by the handle and it swings open locking securely in place. To close, release the hinge with a light touch of a button, then fold. Works one-handed too.

To see the cane fold and unfold go to www.dappercanes.com

What are Dapper canes made out of?

The canes are made of sturdy lightweight aluminum with a rubber safety tip. The Offset Handle has a non-slip dense foam grip and elastic wrist strap.

How much do the hinged canes weigh?

Just a little over a pound. For example our Offset Handle Cane weighs 1.2 pounds.

What size are Dapper hinged canes when folded for storage?

Between 15" and 16" inches long, depending on the model. Our canes store in many tote bags, brief cases or carry-on luggage. Canes are very convenient for travel and everyday use.

Check our home page www.dappercanes.com